Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mammogram Madam

Today I had a Mammogram

Want to know what happens, it's just like you think.

I had a lumpy bit and a swelling on the left hand side, I am not a hormonal person but my cycle that month had been a bit strange. When it didn't go away after a few days I went to the Dr who referred me on the UK two week referral system to get it checked saying he didn't think it was anything but lets rule stuff out.

The appointment was fine although rather stressful and I was invited to have a routine mammogram as a follow up with the emphasis on ROUTINE.
I did not stress about this appt. until I had a dream last week where they found something and of course Miss Anxiety here ran wildly with that for a few hours.

So the same as before the waiting room bit is a bit intense but I took a book that I am enjoying and it took my mind right off things, didn't have to wait long.

A lovely young lady took me off to a dimly lit room to have my scan.

She asked me to remove all the clothing down to the waist and introduced me to the machine.
She was quick and thorough, no excuses made for the fact that she would have to man handle my 'nawkes' into the contraption. (That's what my friend RM called them!)
The room was lovely and warm and I could have stayed there all morning, cold outside and I wasn't as usual dressed for the weather.
I had four pictures taken so that's a left and right, top and bottom, side to side on each.

I've been told that it's a sore process but actually I had zero discomfort but maybe depending on where you are on your cycle can determine how you will feel between the plates which were warm BTW.
So she basically puts you in clamps you shut and takes a picture all the while being genuinely lovely.

Under 5 minutes I was done and out.
I think it helps if you can get in and out of your clothes quickly, don't be faffing with buttons etc, I remembered that there are ladies outside waiting for non routine scans and I didn't want to hold them up because I was looking fancy.

I asked to see the pictures and there I was in black and white and you know I cried a bit when I saw them. They have such a history!
I was going to ask to take a picture with my phone to share here but for some reason that didn't feel right so instead I went to meet G and P at the park across the street and took a photo of those toadstools which are pretty much the same shape as the squashed ones back on the clinic computer.

Results for routine appts. might be up to 6 weeks in the post.

There you go.


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  1. Good to hear about your "NORKS"... presuming I am RM, although I am still RB, but that's OK. Hope you get the all clear soon. Now that's one Nork procedure I haven't had done (yet) so good to get the lo-down. I am no stranger to the man (or woman- but strictly in a clinical setting you understand) handling though!
    By the way your babies are so flippin' beautiful. Have another quick so we can see what delightful confection you two beauties can whip up next. x