Monday, 28 May 2012

Annual Camp

We spent Friday after school traveling in dense heat to the Isle of Wight to camp with G's family to celebrate his younger brothers birthday. We go most years and I always dread it but come back thoroughly happy that we have had a great time and the girls have been able to have a really good run around.

Never traveling from Southampton again, anyone wants to know why can email me here.
I don't care what the ticket costs.

I have pictures but they are limited to the girls it was so hot that I was unable to wander round and find things interesting to show.

I want her to wear this dress forever
It was so warm it didn't matter that I forgot the hot water bottles
P's first sand castle
Bubble mixture in everything

Desperate to take more pics of caravan styling as there was so much just like this but ran out of time and the heat was unbelievable. Yes you are seeing marines jumping down onto clay children.
What does the inside look like?

G took T rock pooling it was her favourite part

I asked P what her favourite part of the weekend and after some thought she said, T.

I love this pic

I got bitten by something and this is a photo of my thigh, excuse the up close anatomy.
I am home and spaced out on antibiotics, antihistamine, creams and anti inflammatory pills.
Tomorrow is Tuesday and we are hoping that it stops spreading because as the moment it is like a saucer and I am anxious.

P don't like the sand or the water
What else are you going to do when you wake up at 6am

I've made these mini pancakes camping before but this time it was back breaking as I was cooking on the floor. This recipe is from Amie Joliver  and is so easy and produces the best cakes but my girls hate them.

A large cup that you'd have a hot choc etc in filled with plain flour.
Same cup filled with milk
1 Egg
Mix together, still a bit lumpy and you could add a grated apple at this point
Bit of butter in a frying pan dollop the mix in and cook on both sides for a couple of minutes.

Serve with water ever. In this case, one remaining banana, fruit syrup and a bit of jam.

I forgot to pack sunglasses and PL is adaptable

All home but spent the day in bed hating being back on antibiotics but very grateful for the support I have had for my bite, friends have rallied treatment advice and calmed my anxieties as it continued to spread outside the pen line G drew.

This evening I sorted the gear out and started the washing

Have decided to start a thankful diary
Will do that and then head for bed.


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